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Nowadays, with the pace of life we lead, it is hard to mantain a healthy diet and we can hardly ever have five pieces of fruit a day.

With Pom'bel compotes, Stadium Innovation offers a new way of eating fruit in a handy, healthy and natural way.

Pom'bel compotes are elaborated only with fruit. They do not contain preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. With no added sugar, they are low-calorie and perfect for any kind of diet. 100 % fruit, they do not contain gluten or lactose.

One cup is equivalent to one portion of fruit. Perfect for the whole family, at any time, as a snack or for dessert.

Pom'bel compotes can be found in the fruit section of the supermarket.


Balanced and nutritive, healthy and low

        calorie, it is the queen of all fruits



Rich in fibre, contributes to intestinal transit




           Rich in potassium and zinc,

                provides instant energy

            Ideal for children and athletes


                 Ideal for keepìng fit


          Delicious and healthy fruit dessert
                   Rich in Vitamin A & C


          Refreshing fruit dessert, rich in fiber,
                 with slimming properties


                                                   Rich in folic acid and diuretic
                                     Ideal for the prevention of cardiovascular disease






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