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Stadium Innovation in Fruit Attraction 2012

Thank you very much

Fruit Attraction was a success with audiences and visitors, Innovation Stadium could publicize the wide range of products for the sector and developments for this campaign. AND FRUIT ATTRACTION chosen as an ideal place to introduce professionals one of the most pioneering projects: FRUIT IF! practical and convenient fruit compote canteens to carry anywhere, at school, at work, on the bike, ... and to eat at any time, as they have no added sugar, are pure fruit.


It also exposed the herbs and spices of Gourmet Garden, Dosettes and lemon and lime juices of Polenghi, grated Tomato Sofrito and nature of our brand Stadium Innovation, and treats for your salad, delicious trail mix ideal for salads.


Stadium Innovation wishes to thank all customers, suppliers, employees, etc. their presence and support during our participation in the fair Fruit Attraction 2012, the most important horticultural fair in Spain.


It has been three days of intense business activity by establishing new business relationships and, of course, maintaining the current.


Thank you very much to all.



Pasarela Innova in Fruit Attraction 2012

A selection of our products were exhibited at the Gateway Innova, a space in which varieties and brands were exhibited for the first time presented to the fruit and vegetable market. Innovation Stadium gave the following:

  1. Fresh "Sofrito", the first market.
  2. Fresh Grated Tomato, also the first market.
  3. Fresh Herbs and Spices, the only ones that are kept in the refrigerator up to 3 months.
  4. Charles&Alices, delicious fruit compote 100g for the whole family, 100% fruit, free artificial colors, preservatives, or added sugar. New flavors: mango and pineapple.
  5. FRUTA SI!, practical and comfortable canteens 90g fruit compote, no artificial colors or preservatives, no sugar added, 100% fruit, ready to be taken anywhere, anytime. They are the new healthy and easy to eat fruit.
  6. Lemondor, lime and lemon juice with zester cap, it is a system which separates essential oils of lemon and lime and packaged in the cap of the bottle, this will ensure the flavor and properties of fresh lemon in each product use.
  7. Polenghi has also created the first bio lemon juice in bottle green, 100% biodegradable and compostable, made entirely from corn (label and bottle cap). Patented product. 125ml lemon juice.
  8. The Polenghi Dosettes are dressings and sauces in pods of 8ml. There are five varieties: virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mix oil and balsamic vinegar, lemon and pesto. Practical and ready to use anywhere: in the office, hiking, ...