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Favorit Ice Tea

Discover the unique taste of a delicious ice tea, 100% natural, no additives, fresh tea and fruit juice taste.

Freshly brewed • 100% natural

Premium Ice Teas made from freshly brewed tea, not tea extract). Most other products are made from tea extract.

  • Brewed with real tea leaves and crystal clear Swiss water
  • Same taste like homemade tea
  • Made in a unique and patented production process

Simple recipes:

  • We only use freshly brewed tea and fruit juice
  • No additives, flavouring, colouring or preservatives

Available in 4 different recipes:

  • Lemon: with 2% lemon juice
  • Peach: with 9% peach juice
  • Green Tea: with Ceylon green tea
  • Alpine Herbs: with real Swiss Alpine herbs

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